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Ban Laem Community
Khiri Wong Kot Community

Tambon Nong Rong Community

Tambon Nong Rong Community


Take a joyful bicycle ride through the community forest that only exists thanks to the villagers’ collective efforts. Search the forest for mushrooms, the wet season delicacy, before riding a farm tractor cart to many integrated farms and taste some of Kanchanaburi’s secret recipes.

  • Learn about Huai Saphan Samakkhi – the forest under the community’s care
  • Discover Kanchanaburi’s greatest source for the famous wild termite mushrooms
  • Explore the integrated agricultural garden
  • Get up close to the sugar palm trees and learn all about the products derived from them
  • Cook and taste the intense local cuisine


2 Days 1 Night Trip

Day 1
09:00 Arrive at the Tambon Nong Rong Tourism Information Center (Pracharat shop). Welcome visitors, then take the farm tractor cart to Ban Huai Saphan Samakkhi Community Forest Learning Center.
09:30 Help plant some saplings in the community / travel to the community forest to take a walk / help make some souvenirs including rings and wristbands made from wild vines.
10:00 Take the cart to a temple which dates back to the late Ayuthaya period – Wat Khao Cham Seen, climb up a steep path with of over 400 steps to visit the Chao Mae Soi Raya shrine.
11:00 The visitors can choose to watch a demonstration of coconut leaf hat weaving / banana stem or jute flower making / pandan & kiffir leaf wreath.
12:00 Have lunch at the Learning Center.
13:00 Visit agrotourism sites and shop for different products from local groups.
Get to about know sugar palm products, help prepare sweetened palm seeds (August to December) or palm seeds in shaved ice (March to April). Also, take some ingredients back for dinner.
14:30 Watch how to prepare the herbal rice chips.
15:30 Visit the loincloth weaving facility or learn how to prepare deep fried pork skin.
17:00 Experience the joy of cooking your own dinner with unique local recipes.
19:00 Join a discussion and watch some traditional games, songs and dances.
Day 2
06:00 Almsgiving in front of your village home.
08:30 Ride the tractor cart to ‘Pluc Ka Du Park’ – Mr. Suwannawit’s farm to watch a Thai desserts demonstration.
Learn how to make some wickerwork, especially the kinetic toy snake.
12:00 Have lunch and return to the information center to shop for souvenirs.
14:00 Travel to the Royal Monument of King Naresuan the Great, Tambon Don Chedi, Amphoe Phanom Thuan, Kanchanaburi, then return home.

Time to Visit: All Year round

Note: The guideline itinerary may be subject to change due to local happenings and other factors.



  • Community guide fee: THB 30/guest/day
  • Farm tractor cart: THB 500/cart/day (bicycle rent THB 20/day)
  • Lunch: THB 100/guest/meal
  • Refreshments: THB 60/day for 2 breaks and herbal drinks
  • Community forest instructor: THB 200
  • Instructor for vine weaving: THB 200
  • Materials: THB 5/ring and THB 10/wreath
  • Instructors for leaf hats: THB 200 each
  • Materials: THB 20/hat
  • Instructors for jute flowers: THB 200 each
  • Materials: THB 10/flower
  • Instructors for rice chips: THB 200 each
  • Instructors for loincloth: THB 200 each
  • Instructors for Thai desserts: THB 200 each
  • Materials: THB 500/dessert
  • Traditional singers (10 persons): THB 200 each
  • Homestay: THB 300/guest for AC & THB 250 for none AC
  • Traditional dancer (20 persons): THB 200/male & THB 300/female
  • Materials for the dance: THB 300 (depending on the number of performers)
  • Total charge for the dance show: THB 4,500

Expenses for a day trip

  • For a group of 5: THB 1,000
  • For a group of 15: THB 850
  • For a group of 30: THB 350
  • For 2 Days 1 Night group: THB 850/guest

Recommended Souvenirs

Termite mushrooms, sugar palm products, the extremely colorful loincloths


Tambon Nong Rong Community Tourism Club
Khun Sompon Panto Tel 081-943-2618
Khun Pongsi Sariwong Tel. 087-907-4978


U Thong ancient ruins / the Royal Monument of King Naresuan the Great / Ban Nong Khao


Travel by


Take a train from Bangkok – Namtok

Car Rental

  • Thai Smile Car Rent
  • Cha Car Rent
  • Smile Thai Car Rent
  • Kanchanaburi Rental Cars
  • Thai Rent Eco Car


Nong Khao Resort (6.6 km. away from the community)

Nong Khao, Tha Mueng, Kanchanaburi 71110

Eurasia Resotel Kanchanaburi (10.5 km. away from the community)

275 Moo. 11, 324 O-Thong – Kanchanaburi Road, Nong Khao, Tha Mueng, Kanchaburi 71110

Mum Sabai Resort (6.9 km. away from the community)

มุมสบาย รีสอร์ต กาญจนบุรี

Sang Chan View Hotel (16 km. away from the community)

170/10 Moo. 8 Pak Prak, Mueng, Kanchanaburi 71000

Tarnsiri Boutique Resort (19.8 km. away from the community)

107 Pak Prak, Mueng, Kanchanaburi 71000
Tarnsiri Boutique Resort-ธารณ์สิริ บูทีค รีสอร์ต กาญจนบุรี

Restaurants/Coffee Shops



Krua Took Kae (13.8 km. away from the community)

Panom Tuan, Kanchanaburi 71140


Coffee Shops

U&ME COFFEE (12.6 km. away from the community)

Toong Samor, Panom Tuan, Kanchanaburi 71140
U&ME Cafe’ Kanchanaburi



Krua Go Dang Restaurant (14.3 km. away from the community)

Panom Tuan, Kanchanaburi 71140
ครัวโกดัง พนมทวน

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