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Ban Laem Community
Khiri Wong Kot Community

Laem Makham


Trat province was named after Yang Krat, a tree that naturally grows in abundance around this village, which is located on the shore of Makham cape. Its residents are small fishing boat owners who are known for their exceptionally light hearted and fun-loving nature. After getting on board their boats and having a go at diving for lamp shells or lay crab traps, this journey to Thailand’s eastern sea is sure to be an unforgettable one.

  • Go on a boat ride to catch lamp shells, lay crab traps and enjoy watching fireflies
  • Explore the museum to commemorate King Rama V’s visit to Trat
  • Make Trat-style hats
  • Visit Grandpa Songkran’s wooden mechanical dummies museum


2 Days 1 Night Trip

Day 1
10:30 Welcome to Ban Laem Makham.
11:00 Ride a motorcycle with a side car to visit King Rama V’s memorial sites.
12:00 Have lunch at the village hall.
13:00 Activities derived from the local wisdom, including: making palm leaf hats, hat suspension, catathea wickerworks & funeral flower
14:30 Listen to stories about the different canals in the area and learn about traditional fishing.
17:00 Head to your village home, with free time.
18:00 Admire the scenic islands nearby.
18:30 Enjoy dinner with a cultural show.
20:00 Night boat trip to visit the firefly colony, catch Meder’s mangrove crabs and explore the unique ecosystem at night.
21:00 Return to your village home and get some rest.
Day 2
06:30 Take part in almsgiving and enjoy breakfast at your village home.
08:00 Observe the traditional techniques used in building a wooden house.
09:00 Discover the origin of Laem Makham village and visit the Buddhist temple which held a Muslim sacred object inside.
11:30 Take a group photo in front of King Rama V’s statue.
Have lunch at the village hall and shop for community-made products, then farewell.

Time to Visit: All year round



  • THB 1,300/guest for a group of 30
  • THB 1,500/guest for a group of 20
  • THB 1,700/guest for a group of 10

Recommended Souvenirs

Traditional farmers’ hats, palm leaf & catathea wickerworks, fresh and processed seafood, Indian marsh fleabane herbal tea


Ban Laem Makham Cultural Tourism Group
Mr. Suthep Boonpian (Village Headman) Tel. 098-860-2914
Facebook: baanlaemmakham

Travel by


Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport):

  • Bangkok Airways: 08:30-09:30, 11:40-12:40, 17:00-18:00


Take a train from Phuta Luang

  • Express No. “997”: 06.45-09.50
  • Train No. “283”: 06:55-11:20
  • Rapid No. “997”: 06:45-09:50 (only available on Mon – Fri) or
    Take a train to Chachoengsao Station, then take a song taew to catch a van to Trat on Chachoengsao – Chantaburi route

Car Rental

  • KTL Car Rent Trat
  • Trat Car Rent
  • Koh Kood Travel


JPR. Hotel 2 (4.8 km. away from the community)

3148 Nong Sone, Trat 23000

Hotel Toscana (10.9 km. away from the community)

Soi Wat Woradit, Bang Pra, Trat 23000

Big House Resort (7.4 km. away from the community)

Soi Prachautid 2, Nong Sone, Trat 23000

Sucharanee Laem Ngop (6.3 km. away from the community)

14 Moo. 6, Laew Ngop, Trat 23120
Suchanaree LaemNgop Trat สุชานารี แหลมงอบ ตราด

Laem Ngop Inn (7.0 km. away from the community)

Moo. 19/4 Thetsabarn 4 Road, Laem Ngop, Trat 23120

Restaurants/Coffee Shops


Coffee Shops

Rosemary’s Laemngop Trat (6.2 km. away from the community)

12/3 Moo. 1, Laew Ngop, Trat 23120



Anareen Halal Food (7.4 km. away from the community)

Laew Ngop, Trat 23120

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