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Ban Bo Kru Lao Krang Community

Ban Bo Kru Lao Krang Community


Originally from Laos, this group was relocated to this region in Thailand around the early Rattanakosin period. They are known for their craft of extracting organic paste from ‘Krang’ beetles to dye their textiles bright red.

  • Ban Bo Kru Lao Krang Cultural Center & Museum at Wat Bo Kru, home to a collection of antique tube skirts showcasing traditional designs such as the split eggplant and the naga
  • Lao Krang tube skirt weaving and krang dye both require sophisticated techniques, which you can learn more about
  • Join their annual celebrations, including Song Kran, Buddhist Lent and its end and Pra That blessing, when people wear their traditional clothes


2 Days 1 Night Trip

Day 1
13:00 Meet at the Lao Chi-Lao Krang Textiles Learning Center, introduction to the community, instructors & the Lao Krang textiles.
14:00 Get to know how to natural dye the cotton tread using different plants which require specific technique.
16:00 Learn how to use traditional looms.
17:30 Have dinner.
19:00 Check-in at a resort nearby.
Day 2
07:00 Discover the community and its surroundings in the morning light.
08:00 Enjoy breakfast.
09:00 Visit Wat Kwang Weruwan, a temple dated back to Ayutthaya period with the ubosot placed on different orientation compares to others in the country. Have a sightseeing bike ride.
10:30 Get to know about traditional clothes and decorated tube skirts making.
12:00 Enjoy your lunch.
13:00 Learn additional fabric dyeing, especially using Krang which is the locality’s specialty, or an optional earthen home building for those who are interested.

Time to Visit: All Year round, but the spectacular traditional clothes worn by the entire community can be seen on the special occasions as previously mentioned.

Note: This guideline itinerary can be subject to change. Activities may be subject to change.



THB 1,500/guest for a group of 20 guests (dinner, breakfast and snacks included)

Recommended Souvenirs

Traditional krang dye tube skirt and other natural dye textiles, shawl and loincloth


Mrs. Kanjalak Parueang, Chairperson of Lao Chi-Lao Krang Hand Woven
Learning Center, Ban Tat Sakae Tel. 089-920-8279
Ban Bo Kru Lao Krang Cultural Center & Museum, Khun Nok Tel. 087-167-9293


Bueng Chawak Chaloem Prakiet, Wat Doem Bang Nang Buat, Sam Chuk market, Kraseo Dam


Travel by


Take a train from Bangkok to Suphaburi, Express No. “355” 16:40-20:04

Car Rental

  • Thai Rent Eco Car
  • Smile Thai Car Rent
  • Nick Car Rent


Ban Phanthita Resort (21.0 km. away from the community)

48/3 Moo. 6, Kao Phra Derm, Derm Bang Nang Buad, Suphanburi 72120
บ้านภัณฑิรารีสอร์ต เดิมบางนางบวช จังหวัดสุพรรณบุรี

Sis Guesthouse (22.7 km. away from the community)

127/5 Moo. 5, Kao Phra, Derm Bang Nang Buad, Suphanburi 72120

Tha Chang Vintage (23.1 km. away from the community)

95/1 Moo. 7, Kao Phra, Derm Bang Nang Buad, Suphanburi 72120

Nai Suan Inn (28.0 km. away from the community)

28 Moo. 10 Chainat – Suphanburi Road, Derm Bang, Derm Bang Nang Buad, Suphanburi 72120

Ban Fasai Resort (20.7 km. away from the community)

160/9 Moo. 6, Kao Phra, Derm Bang Nang Buad, Suphanburi 72120
บ้านฟ้าใสรีสอร์ต เดิมบางนางบวช

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