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Ban Laem Community
Khiri Wong Kot Community

Doi Wawee Community

Doi Wawee Community

Chiang Rai

Known for pickled tea since ancient Lanna’s Meng Rai dynasty, this area was long forgotten until the Chinese nationalist troops were discharged and settled down here. They found wild tea trees that were over 700-years-old and amazingly revived them.

  • Taste the tea in the historic plantation located 1,500 m above sea level
  • Try genuine Yunnanese cuisine
  • Watch the production of black, oolong and puerh tea at the first Wawee facility, their products are exported to Malaysia, Singapore, People’s Republic of China & Canada
  • Soak up the villagers’ way of life at Doi Wawee and admire the view of the towering Phi Pan Nam mountains


2 Days 1 Night Trip

Day 1
09:00 Introduction to Doi Wawee and its people/culture/religion & cuisine/basic knowledge about tea.
09:30 Visit the 1000-year-old tea plantation – some ancient Assam tea trees there are over 700-years-old, and guests are encouraged to help pick young leaves for the afternoon tea making session.
11:00 Taste Wawee tea at the shop, discuss all aspects of tea-making with Mr. Pang Go-Pinit Pitakwawee, who is the first Yunnanese person to bring oolong tea trees to Thailand.
12:00 Lunch break, enjoy hand-pulled noodles with braised pork soup.
13:00 Travel to the Siripan tea processing facility by Wawee, guests are able to go through every single step of the tea making process under the facility’s staff supervision. Visitors will receive some of the pressed puerh tea that they have helped to make to bring home as a souvenir.
18:30 Dinner at Lao Lee Hill Resort, enjoy Yunnanese food and shows by ethnic Chinese students in the area.
Day 2
06:00 Get up at early to watch the sea of mist at Doi Kat Phi Forest Park, Doi Wawee.
06:30 Have breakfast at the resort.
08:30 Take a walk through Wawee village to explore their way of life and shop for seasonal produce at the tribal village market.
12:00 Lunch, Yunnanese hand-made egg noodles with chicken and steamed buns with sweet filling.
13:00 Visit the Guang Fu Chinese School lookout to take in the amazing view of Doi Wawee, then observe some classes at the school.
15:00 Return to Wawee shop for more tea, pick up some souvenirs and take some photos with Mr. Pang Go.

Time to Visit: All Year round



  • Tea picking/processing & making pressed puerh: THB 1,000/guest
  • Food & accommodation: THB 1,500/guest/night
  • Children’s shows (x3 shows): THB 1,000/group/show

Recommended Souvenirs

Traditional Chinese puerh tea, black Assam tea from the ancient tea trees, oolong tea, single origin coffee from Doi Chang



Lao Lee Resort Tel. 053-760-150
Chiang Rai Agricultural Research & Development Center at Doi Chang Tel. 053-160-812, 053-602-750


Khun Yuramat Prawang Tel. 093-169-6515

Travel by


Bangkok (Don Mueng Airport):

  • Nok Air
  • Thai AirAsia
  • Thai Lion Air

Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport):

  • Thai Smile Airways
  • Vietjet Air
  • Bangkok Airways


Take a train from Bangkok to Khun Tan (5 trips/ day)

Car Rental

  • Avis
  • Thai Rental Car
  • Chiang Rai Airport Car Services Co operative Ltd.
  • Hertz Rental Car
  • National Rental Car


Mohn Mye Horm Resort (14.9 km. away from the community)

125 Moo. 22, Chiang Rai – Chiang Mai Road, Thakoh, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai 57180

Naphadol Resort (7.8 km. away from the community)

226 Moo. 11, Ban PatungNgam, Chaedi Luang, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai 57180

Ban Suay Resort (1.8 km. away from the community)

49 Moo. 13, Mae Prik, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai 57180

Balcony Hill Resort (3.8 km. away from the community)

193 Mae Suai, Chiang Rai 57180
053-786-481-2, 080-610-1011

Hush Hub Hotel (600 m. away from the community)

202 Thesaban 6 Soi 3, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai 57180

Restaurants/Coffee Shops



Doi Chang View Coffee & Food (23.6 km. away from the community)

Doi Wawee, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai 57180
Doi Chang View Coffee&Food



Krua Fei Tien, Doi Chang (22.1 km. away from the community)

Wawee, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai 57180


Coffee Shops

Doi Wawee Coffee (23.0 km. away from the community)

244/1 Doi Wawee, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai 57180

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