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Ban Laem Community
Khiri Wong Kot Community

Wang Nam Mok Community

Wang Nam Mok Community

Nong Khai

Located between Si Chiang Mai and Chiang Khan on the iconic highway along the Mekong River, this community’s balanced mixture of nature conservation and cultural heritage never fails to impress visitors.

  • Tat Wang, a creek originated from Wang Nam Mok waterfall, has many spots with a sandstone floor – which is ideal for swimming
  • Tham Din Piang, Wat Si Mongkol, a cave with narrow but safe passages for those who seek an adventure
  • Stony cliffs on the banks of the Mekong, take in the wonderful scenery from Wat Pha Tak Suea and then walk along the Wat Hin Mak Peng trail
  • Make ceremonial offerings during a temple visit


2 Days 1 Night Trip

Day 1
17:00 Meet at the Wang Nam Mok Tourism & Culture Center. Homestay check-in.
18:30 Admire the lantern display, a local handcraft found on both sides of the Mekong.
19:00 Join the welcome ceremony, have dinner and listen to historical stories.
21:00 Get some rest.
Day 2
06:00 Sticky rice almsgiving.
07:30 Enjoy breakfast.
08:30 Make ‘Khan Khu Pi’ the cone-shaped flower holders that are used as offerings, then use it while visiting Wat Thet Rangsi.
10:30 Discover community made products and try your hand at making some of your own.
12:00 Have lunch and bid farewell.

Time to Visit: All year round, although early winter from October to November is considered to be the best time.



  • THB 1,590/guest (3-5 days advance reservation is required)
  • Activities begin rather late due to visitors travel time

Recommended Souvenirs

Woven reed rice containers, footed trays, baskets, cotton lamb shades, apron, hand towels, bags and pillows


Ban Wang Nam Mok Tourism and Cultural Center
Khun Tinnapob Suphantha, Chairman Tel. 086-232-5300, 083-357-7035
Facebook: wangnammok

Travel by


Bangkok (Don Mueng Airport):

  • Nok Air
  • Thai AirAsia
  • Thai Lion Air

Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport):

  • Thai Smile Airways (to Udon Thani, then take a van to Nong Khai)


Take a train from Bangkok to Nong Khai (4 trips/ day)

Car Rental

  • Nong Khai Car Rent
  • GNO 168
  • OK Car Rent


Ban Loft Café & Resort (14.4 km. away from the community)

398 Moo. 1, Pa Tung, Sangkom, Nong Khai 43160

Poopae Resort (15.9 km. away from the community)

167 Moo. 3, Pa Tung, Sangkom, Nong Khai 43160
Poopae Resort

Bouy Guest Home (27.7 km. away from the community)

Pa Tung, Sangkom, Nong Khai 43160
Bouy Guest House อ.สังคม จ.หนองคาย

Ban Mai Rim Kong (25.1 km. away from the community)

181/3 Pa Tung, Sangkom, Nong Khai 43160
บ้านไม้ริมโขง Banmairimkong

Chontara Grand River View (26.4 km. away from the community)

Kang Kai, Sangkom, Nong Khai 43160
Chontara Grand River View

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