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Krachaeng community

Krachaeng community

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Krachaeng community in Amphur Bangsai, Ayutthaya province is a quaint village community nearby the River Noi. At Tambol Krachaeng, residents in the community like to utilize their surroundings to good use. For instance, they use water hyacinths floating on the river as craft materials for hats, bags and baskets. They also raise hens and collect their eggs for food, as well as plant fruits such as bananas, mangoes, melons, and limes, all of which can be harvested year-round. Organic mushrooms are planted too, and the children will be fascinated by our oyster mushrooms. Moreover, children will be able to sample cricket-based dishes such as deep-fried crickets from our special cricket farms in the community, and there are many more interactive activities waiting for the youngsters at Krachaeng community.

  • Water Hyacinth DIY
  • Learn about the Fruit Orchard
  • Rice Cultivation
  • Go Fishing
  • Tour Henhouse/Collect Fresh Eggs
  • Grow Bhutan Oyster Mushrooms
  • Clay Molding
  • Learn How to Raise Crickets
  • Make Local Menus
  • Sightseeing along the river (available only during 17:00 – 18:00)

Educational Activities


Water Hyacinth DIY

Our community is located nearby a river called Noi, and the river comes with a stream of water hyacinths. With the abundance of water hyacinth available in our region, the locals are able to creatively craft them into exquisite objects such as hats, bags, and baskets. Children will be able to craft water hyacinths into hats, or any other beautiful decorative object.


Learn about the Fruit Orchard

At Tambol Krachaeng, we grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables – from bananas, limes, coconuts, melons and bamboo shoots for the whole village to enjoy. Children will be able to explore and taste our produce picked fresh from our farms.


Rice Cultivation

We have a small rice field not far from our community where the children can learn how to farm from the very first step. This is sure to be a very fun activity, because the children will be able to step foot into the rice fields and farm with their very own hands! Even though they will be soaked and their feet will be covered with mud, in return they will have a most valuable experience to remember.


Go Fishing

Fishing is another activity that will be very enjoyable for the children to experience. They will get to barb their own fishing hook and use crickets as bait. Children will get to fish at the catfish and carp ponds in the community. Afterwards, they can feast on their catch-of-the-day as dinner.


Tour Henhouse/Collect Fresh Eggs

Next to the fishing pond, we have a henhouse for the children to feed the roosters and hens, and also collect their eggs for food.


Grow Bhutan Oyster Mushrooms

Another highlight of Ban Krachaeng is our oyster mushroom farm. Children will be able to farm and collect together until they have a bag full of mushrooms ready to be baked in an oven, while they will have the chance to visit the oyster mushroom farm. If they are lucky, they might get to see the blooming mushrooms which can be collected and fried to eat later.


Clay Molding

Another activity that allows children to express their creativity. Here, they can mold any utensils that they want, use leaves as templates to create patterns, and bake them into one-of-a-kind clay pottery.


Learn How to Raise Crickets

At Krachaeng community, children will be able to visit our cricket farm. They will also interactively learn how our community raises these crickets and how we reproduce them.


Make Local Menus

Our local food is an out-of-the-ordinary delicacy, especially when children bring and use their crickets as an ingredient. For instance, the deep-fried crickets are so crunchy and delectable, and the chili-free cricket-larb smells so aromatic with ground roasted rice without being spicy. Crickets can also be used in many other dishes, which we guarantee everyone will surely enjoy.


Sightseeing along the river (available only during 17:00 – 18:00)

Another highlight of our community is to sail along the River Noi and absorb our breathtaking surroundings behind our houses. Children will be able to see the beauty of our unique houses along the river and witness how people in our community get on with their everyday lives. The experience is sure to be breezy and relaxing for everyone.


One Day Trip

08:00 Departure from Bangkok.
10:00 Welcome from community; refreshments; ice-breaking activities and division into teams for activities.
11:00 Activity 1: Clay Molding.
Activity 2: Water Hyacinth DIY (hat decorations and other souvenirs to take home).
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Activity 3: Learn How to Raise Crickets
Activity 4: Grow Bhutan Oyster Mushrooms
Activity 5: Go Fising/Tour Henhouse/Collect Fresh Eggs
15:00 Refreshments
15:15 Activity 6: Rice Cultivation
16:30 Return trip to Bangkok.

Time to Visit: All Year round


THB 1,000/1 Day


Community homestay


Krachaeng community
Khun Ratri Kaeopunsi (Village Headwoman) Tel. 098-343-7940

Travel by


Take a train to Ayutthaya (32 trips/ day)

Car Rental

  • Thai Rent Eco Car
  • Car Rent Ayutthaya
  • รถเช่าอยุธยา.com
  • Bizcar
  • Smile Thai Car Rent


Ban Sikuuk Bed and Breakfast (8.0 km. away from the community)

38 Moo. 6, Bang Sai, Ayutthaya 13250

Ban Thai Kae Ook (3.2 km. away from the community)

47/1 Moo. 1, Bang Sai, Ayutthaya 13190

Bang Pla Mor Riverview Resort (11.6 km. away from the community)

117 Moo. 6, Nam Tao, Bang Ban, Ayutthaya 13110

Ayutthaya Garden River Home (18.2 km. away from the community)

54 Moo. 1, Bangkrasan, Bang Pa-In, Ayutthaya 13160

Dome Resort (20 km. away from the community)

62/3 Moo. 6, Hua Wiang, Sena, Ayutthaya 13110

Restaurants/Coffee Shops



Krua Nong (10.1 km. away from the community)

54 Moo. 2, Namtao, Bang Ban, Ayutthaya 13250


Coffee Shops

TRIFECTA (16.8 km. away from the community)

U-Thong Road, Pratuchai, Ayutthaya 13000



Kuai Teaw Rea Boran, Krua Klang Tung (1.8 km. away from the community)

Krachaeng, Bang Sai, Ayutthaya 13190

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