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Ban Laem Community
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Ban Nam Sup


Not far from Kaeng Krachan in Phetchaburi Province, there is a small cowboy community with some of the freshest air you’ll ever breathe called Ban Nam Sup community. Our community is known for its cowboy lifestyle because this place used to be a horse and cattle ranch, and the ranchers gathered together and eventually became a community. Here, children will learn how to ride horses, transform themselves into tiny cowboys, discover the ways of the countryside, fish near the dam, cook pickled fish, and make their own herb juice. We guarantee that the children will definitely fall in love with our tiny community.

  • Horseback Riding
  • Tour Organic Farm; Pick Fruits and Vegetables
  • Make Herbal Beverages (Butterfly Pea, Mulberry and Lime)
  • Make Thong Muan (Rolled Wafer)
  • Toss Nets to Fish for Silver Carps/Make Sour Fish

Educational Activities


Horseback Riding

Our community is very well-known for its horses, as many of us used to be cattle and horse ranchers in the past. Our locals use horses as the community’s icon, which gives out a cowboy-like vibe to the place. Children will be able to transform into tiny cowboys and learn the basics of horse riding, an exciting but very safe activity thanks to the professional horse riders ready to help and guide the kids.


Tour Organic Farm; Pick Fruits and Vegetables

Another activity that will wow the children is exploring our organic farms, which are filled with various fruits and vegetables such as bananas, limes, dragonfruit and other homegrown vegetables. Moreover, children will get to handpick their own fruits and vegetables and use them as ingredients to cook some local dishes.


Make Herbal Beverages (Butterfly Pea, Mulberry and Lime)

Our community is also very famous for making various juices out of produce, including herbs and fruits taken from our community land. For example, we have a blue-colored, beautiful butterfly pea juice, as well as mulberry juice and also lime juice to refresh yourself.


Make Thong Muan (Rolled Wafer)

Another gem of Ban Nam Sup is our delicious tong muan that has a sugary-sweet smell from the palm sugar. We have both sweet and savory flavors to choose from, and the children will get to make their own tong muan with help from an aunt who holds the secret recipe of this local dish.


Toss Nets to Fish for Silver Carps/Make Sour Fish

Not far from our community, there is a scenic viewpoint at the headwaters of the Kaeng Krachan Dam where the children can breathe in some fresh air, chill with the cool breeze, and absorb the scenery. Kids will also get to net some fish, and we particularly want carp which we will later be using to make pickled fish – another Ban Nam Sup delicacy.


2 Days 1 Night Trip

Day 1
07:30 Departure from Bangkok.
10:00 Welcome from community; refreshments; hand out mood diaries; recreational activities; ice-breaking activities and division into teams for activities.
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Activity 1: Make Thong Muan (Thai dessert/snack).
Activity 2: Make Herbal Beverages.
Activity 3: Toss Nets to Fish for Silver Carps/Make Sour Fish.
15:30 Refreshments.
16:00 Recreational activities.
16:30 Activity 4: Horseback Riding.
17:00 Personal errands.
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Cowboy campfire.
20:00 Bedtime.
Day 2
07:30 Gather at the meeting place and breakfast.
08:30 Activity 5: Tour Organic Farm; Pick Fruits and Vegetables.
09:30 Activity 6: Make Local Menus (tasty nam phrik (chilli paste) and create a dish made from local ingredients)
11:30 Lunch.
12:30 Return trip to Bangkok.

Time to Visit: All Year round

Note: This activity schedule is subject to change as appropriate situation.


THB 800/1 Day or THB 1,500/2 Day


Community homestay


Ban Nam Sup community Tel. 092-947-5984, 092-610-4835

Travel by


Take a train from Bangkok to Petchburi Station (13 trips/ day). Then, take Song Taew in front of the station to the van station in front of Big C.

Car Rental

  • Smile Thai Car Rent
  • Summer Car Rent


TP Lake View (4.5 km. away from the community)

Kaeng Krachan, Phetchaburi 76170

Baan Rai Sook Sang Chan (15.7 km. away from the community)

18 Moo.7, Kaeng Krachan, Phetchaburi 76170

Kaeng Krachan Resort & Fishing Park (550 m. away from the community)

Moo. 9, Kaeng Krachan, Phetchaburi 76170

Long Yod Resort (1.7 km. away from the community)

578 Kaeng Krachan, Phetchaburi 76170

Baan Thanthip (1.4 km. away from the community)

124 Moo. 6 Kaeng Krachan, Phetchaburi 76170

Restaurants/Coffee Shops



Chai Hart Restaurant (23.0 km. away from the community)

Song Pee Nong, Kaeng Krachan, Phetchaburi 76170


Coffee Shops

Little Forest Coffee House (19.0 m. away from the community)

Yang Nam Klad Tai, Nong Yar Plong, Phetchaburi 76160

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