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Baan Ku Ka Sing

Roi Et

Do you know where the grains you eat come from? Or even what living in a small, tight-knit community might be like?

If your answer to these is “no”, we invite you to experience the authentic rural setting of Baan Ku Ka Sing, Kaset Wisai District, Roi Et province.

Here, you can sit back and listen to some Klon Lam poetry, Isan proverbs and “Sorn Pan” poems narrated by local literature masters as they share the unique lifestyle and history of Baan Ku Ka Sing.

Then, take a tour to visit the ancient ruins that date back thousands of years in Baan Ku Ka Sing. Try treading on the rice paddy fields of Thung Kula Rong Hai where an abundance of minerals has made it renowned for producing some of the best jasmine rice in the world.

After seeing how the locals do it, there’s finally chance for you to try out some rice planting with your own bare hands!

  • Speak Isan Khoi Khoi Khoi Fang Thi Thi (Isan Telephone Talk)
  • Ku Ka Sing Face Activity
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Khao Thi Ku Oh, My! They Grow by the Season!
  • Dream garden activity
  • Create product marketing plans for the community

Team Building & Workshops


Speak Isan Khoi Khoi Khoi Fang Thi Thi (Isan Telephone Talk)

Test out your team’s communication skills in Isan. Here, each team has to stand in single lines and the team leader at the top of the line is then told a moderately complex sentence in Isan dialect. They then have to pass on the message by whispering to the person next to them all the way to the last person. That’s when we find out how much is left of the original sentence.


Ku Ka Sing Face Activity

If you think your team has the best sense of fashion, join the silk-weaving workshop of Baan Ku Ka Sing housewives where you can mix and match your ideas with the “must-have” Ku Ka Sing dresses on models chosen by each team to compete in a grand fashion show to discover which team has “The Face” of Ku Ka Sing.


Volunteer Activities

We all know what scarecrows look like, but how many people have actually made scarecrows themselves? This activity offers a chance for everyone to confess their love to Thung Kula by making scarecrows as the rice harvest approaches. Once finished, farmers will actually pick their scarecrows and use them in their rice fields. So, bring all your skills and imagination for this activity.


Khao Thi Ku Oh, My! They Grow by the Season!

Take on the role of a volunteer rice farmer and help one another sow or harvest rice, depending on the season of your trip.


Dream garden activity

Planting organic crops or vegetables is becoming a trending activity. However, at Baan Ku Ka Sing, these activities are already part of their daily lives. You will be visiting organic gardens and learning how to farm from real farmers. Or if you’re feeling really hungry, you can even pick up fresh vegetables from the garden to eat.


Create product marketing plans for the community

Brainstorm your thoughts, and come up with some new ideas on how to market and improve the sales of the products sold in the community. Design the packaging while creating new branding and story/sales ideas.


2 Days 1 Night Trip

Day 1
06:00 am Thai AirAsia Check-in at Don Muang Airport for trips to Roi Et by Thai Air Asia.
07:20 am Depart from Don Muang for Roi Et Airport.
08:20 am Arrive at Roi Et Airport; reclaim baggage.
08:40 am Head into Roi Et by air conditioned VIP van.
09:00 am Enjoy breakfast at Aeow Khai Krata Restaurant.
10:00 am Leave for Baan Ku Ka Sing, Kaset Wisai, Roi Et.
11:05 am Welcome greeting by community leaders.
12.00 pm Lunch.
01:30 pm Team Building and Workshops.
03:00 pm Depart for the hotel accommodation provided.
03:30 pm Check-in and free time in the afternoon.
05:30 pm Return to Baan Ku Ka Sing for dinner with Baan Ku Ka Sing locals.
06:00 pm Dinner.
08:00 pm Return to the provided accommodation.
20:30 pm Rest up at your hotel accommodation after a long day.
Day 2
07:00 am Breakfast
08:00 am Depart for Ban Klang Thung, Baan Ku Ka Sing.
08:30 am Take to the rice fields. You don’t often get the chance to ride on tractors (the farmer’s equivalent of a 4-wheel drive) while admiring the plantations and fields down below. Here, you get to experience the genuine, unadulterated farmer’s lifestyle. Next, learn about agriculture based on the Sufficiency Philosophy and jasmine rice cultivation in Thung Kula Rong Hai, the most renowned source of jasmine rice.
08:40 am CSR and Donation/Team Building Activities
09.15 am Say your goodbyes to Ku Ka Sing; it’s time to go. But, you can hold on to your memories by grabbing some souvenirs of Baan Ku Ka Sing such as jasmine rice, hand-woven silk, and various silk products amidst farewells and picture-taking with the locals.
09:40 am Team Building and Workshops.
10:35 am Return to your accommodation.
11:00 am Arrive at your hotel and pack for check-out.
12:00 pm Check-out and depart for lunch.
01:00 pm Have lunch at Thara Pub & Rim Beung Planchai Restaurant.
02:30 pm Make merit at Prachakhomwanaram or Pa Kung Temple, an important temple in Roi Et that was inspired by Indonesian heritage at Borobodur. These were the first large natural limestone pagodas in Thailand in their time.
04.00 pm Put the pedal to the metal on one of Roi Et’s 3-wheeled “Skylab” tuk-tuks. Have local fun on “insider” rides around the streets and alleys of Roi Et aboard the “Skylabs”. Enjoy the evening views of Beung Planchai and don’t forget to grab a few souvenirs for the folks back at home.
05:00 pm Leave for dinner.
05:30 pm Dinner at Enjoy Restaurant.
06:30 pm Trip to Roi Et Airport.
06.50 pm Arrival at Roi Et Airport.
08.15 pm Departure from Roi Et for Bangkok by Thai Air Asia.
09.15 pm Arrival at Don Muang International Airport.

Baan Ku Ka Sing, Roi Et
Tel. +669 2525 0191, +669 3337 5626

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