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Baan Rai Kong Khing

Chiang Mai

Not surprisingly, people are at their happiest when they are in nice surroundings with good food to eat. Happy people tend to make those around them happy, too. When an entire community is happy because they live in a nice place where they eat good food and are surrounded by good neighbors and people they love, it’s easy to see how that happiness can be contagious.

At Rai Kong Khing, the people in the community live together happily. They define “happiness” as “inner contentment,” discovered by living in harmony with nature. The people here grow organic vegetables and herbs at home for cooking and also make them into usable products. They dance, beat the traditional ‘sabatchai’ drums and make tasty desserts that add to the overall feeling of peace, tranquility, and contentment.

We will take you to experience their happiness and physical contentment as you learn all about physical health and mental happiness from the northern Lanna culture. Most of all, you will learn about happiness through experiencing the way of life of these people.

  • Padanus Flower Folding with Leaders
  • Guessing Herbal Compresses
  • Khanom Pad Samaki
  • Pottery Mug Painting
  • Create product marketing plans for the community

Team Building & Workshops


Padanus Flower Folding with Leaders

Divide into groups and appoint as your representative to take a brief 30-second course in pandanus flower folding to then teach team members and fold pandanus flowers as fast and as attractively as possible.


Guessing Herbal Compresses

Learn about the many herbs used as ingredients in compresses by actual contact. You will be amazed at some of those names.


Khanom Pad Samaki

Another fun activity which will build your organization’s unity: jointly make Khao-nom Pad or Khanom Pad which is Lanna traditional dessert. This is another traditional activity which boosts teamwork and we should preserve it.


Pottery Mug Painting

Let’s create your imagination and design your own pottery mug in DIY style and make a limited edition pottery mug for yourself. This requires you to design and paint your pottery mug in the best way you can. Let’s see who can make the most beautiful mug!


Create product marketing plans for the community

Brainstorm your thoughts, create your ideas to design marketing/sales plans for the products in the community. Designing the packaging while creating branding and story/sales and marketing strategies for products in the community.


2 Days 1 Night Trip

Day 1
08:30 am Meet up at Don Muang International Airport in the domestic passenger building.
10:20 am Depart for Chiang Mai aboard Thai Air Asia.
11:35 am Arrive at Chiang Mai International Airport.
12:30 pm Welcome greeting by community leaders and lunch prepared by locals.
01:30 pm Team building activities begin.
03:00 pm CSR activities begin.
04:00 pm More team building activities before dinner.
05:00 pm Leave for your hotel accommodation with time set aside for personal errands before heading back at Baan Rai Kong Khing again in the evening for a dinner party. Everyone has to come in full costumes prepared by the community for the party.
06:30 pm Tuck into a traditional Khan Tok Lanna-style dinner while watching and listening to local music performances.
08:00 pm Back to your accommodation, with free time before bed.
Day 2
08.00 am Enjoy breakfast at the hotel breakfast.
09:30 am Check-out and leave the hotel for Ton Kwen Temple or Intarawat Temple to pray in the palladium temple and admire its beauty. This special temple has a tetrahedron pavilion, the only temple of its kind in the northern region.
10:30 am Team building activities.
12:00 pm Enjoy lunch, with the dishes on offer consisting of healthy northern food especially chosen by the community.
01:30 pm Take some pictures with the community locals and say goodbye./td>
02:15 pm Head out for Think Park.
02:30 pm Either make a rest stop to try some coffee at the Local Café at Think Park or pay a visit to Chiang Mai’s trendy Nimmana Haeminda District.
03:45 pm Leave for Chiang Mai International Airport.
04:00 pm Arrival at Chiang Mai International Airport and check-in at Thai Air Asia’s counter.
05:35 pm Departure for Don Muang International Airport by Thai Air Asia.
06:50 pm Arrive safely at Don Muang International Airport.

Baan Rai Kong Khing, Chiang Mai
Tel. +666 1195 9551

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