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Baan Rimklong Homestay

Baan Rimklong Homestay

Samut Songkhram

Welcome to Baan Rimklong Homestay, Samut Songkhram, where you are once again reminded of what life used to be like many years ago, far away from the stresses of modern urban life.

The appeal of this lovely community is a result of a simple way of life of converting materials and produce – all of which are found inside the community – into income. The main resource used is the humble coconut, but as you shall see, there are uses for plenty of other things including fresh vegetable picked from the land.

Take a leisurely bike ride through the gardens, revealing many treasures along the way through to the homes of the people in the community where local housing has been transformed into homestays for tourists who want to experience community life. These homestays give visitors the opportunity to come into close contact with the locals and to learn from local wisdom.

Baan Rimklong Homestay Enterprise was created by the locals who recognized the value of natural, garden homes located at the edge of the water, as well as the preservation of traditional boat culture, coconut plantations, coconut sugar plantations and fruit farming.

Local culture and lifestyles are presented to tourists in the form of different cultural and artistic activities. This includes traditional Thai dessert-making and traditional Thai music performances and trips out firefly-watching aboard boats.

A trip here is like turning back time. Rediscover simple happiness and experience the warmth of local’s friendly smiles at Baan Rimklong Homestay. Let’s go!

  • Coconut Sugar War
  • Create product marketing plans for the community
  • Thai Dessert Kitchen War
  • Garden Treasure Hunt
  • Water ski racing

Team Building & Workshops


Coconut Sugar War

Split into teams and learn about coconut sugar, beginning with the boiling process. Observe how coconut sugar is boiled and dropped into coconut sugar. The challenge here is trying to tell the Baan Rimklong coconut sugar apart from other coconut sugars. How much do you know about the coconut sugar you just learned to make?


Create product marketing plans for the community

Brainstorm your thoughts and create your ideas to come up with new marketing/sales plans for the products in the community. Try designing the packaging together while creating branding, sales and marketing strategies for the products sold in the community.


Thai Dessert Kitchen War

Divide into two teams and get into the kitchen for a war of desserts. Compete in teams to make banana in coconut milk!


Garden Treasure Hunt

Send out your representatives to ride bikes and hunt for treasures in the gardens. The challenge is to put them all into baskets – the one with the most wins!


Water ski racing

Send out your team member to take part in mud ski racing. The skis are made from wooden boards, following local techniques. Whosever team makes across the finish line first is the winner.


2 Days 1 Night Trip

Day 1
08:00 am Departure from Bangkok in an air conditioned VIP van for Samut Songkram. Enjoy snacks along the way.
10:00 am Greeting by community leaders at the village.
10:30 am Team building & workshops.
12:00 pm Enjoy lunch in the community.
03:00 pm Conclude the teambuilding activities and check in at The Grace Amphawa Resort for some well-earned rest.
05:00 pm Board a boat for a canal dinner along Khlong Phi Lok, ending the route by the Mae Klong River at Amphawa. Here, you can watch the sunset and fireflies along the banks without disturbing nature.
06:00 pm Make a rest stop for a walk to experience the evening life and colors of Amphawa at the Floating Market.
08.00 pm Head for the rendezvous point at the parking lot on the Amphawan Temple side to board the van back to the hotel. The van will pick you up at a large white pavilion across from the temple.
Day 2
07.00 am Give offerings by the water in front of your accommodation while enjoying the peaceful morning atmosphere. Then have breakfast and wrap up any personal errands you may have to do at the hotel.
08.00 am Meet up in the lobby for your trip to Khlong Khon Temple for CSR activities such as planting mangroves, feeding monkeys and playing local wisdom “ski”.
08.30 am CSR activities.
10.00 am Return to the hotel for personal errands and check-out.
11.30 am Meet up at the lobby for lunch at Ahan Daeng Restaurant.
12.00 pm Enjoy lunch at Daeng Ahan Thale Restaurant (Original).
01.00 pm Leave Ahan Daeng Restaurant for Rom Hoob Market, which takes around ten minutes.
01.10 pm Visit Mae Klong Market, or “Rom Hoob Market”, owner of the “Risky Market”; it’s a unique market where you can buy a few gifts and snacks.
02.10 pm Return to Bangkok.
04.00 pm Arrive safely back at Bangkok.

Baan Rimklong Homestay, Samut Songkhram
Tel. +668 9170 2904

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