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Koh Lone Rawai


If you hop on a traditional Hua Tone boat – just like the local Le people do to travel across the water just south of Phuket – it won’t be long before you encounter Koh Lone, better known as ‘Lone Island’. On the tranquil Lone Island, you’ll soon get a sense that the atmosphere and lifestyle here are distinctly different from that of Phuket’s main island or, for that matter, most other places in the world. The inhabitants of Koh Lone have worked hard to preserve the beauty and exquisiteness of their home and their determination is clearly evident to see in the island’s bountiful nature and unspoiled lifestyle. Best of all, they are ready and happy to share all this with you.

Just how many times in your life will you get the chance to take a boat trip with the Le people as they cast their nets to catch fish, which by the way, makes for some of the best seafood you’ve had in your life? And after a full day of cultural activities with the locals, there’s the chance to take a well-earned rest – with a traditional foot massage for good measure.

This is just a small taster of all the memorable experiences that await on your next visit to Phuket’s beautiful Koh Lone.

  • Batik Runway Industry Search
  • Create product marketing plans for the community
  • Crab and squid fishing activity (Seasonal)

Team Building & Workshops


Batik Runway Industry Search

Use your imagination as you paint different batik fabrics, with the group that finishes first getting extra points. Divide into groups to brainstorm ideas on how to make your own painted batik works standout even more. The task looks simple, but it requires concentration, imagination, creativity and passion. This batik design activity is a well-intentioned strategy aimed at helping outsiders to dress appropriately according to the traditions of the Muslim community.


Create product marketing plans for the community

Brainstorm your thoughts and ideas in order to come up with some creative marketing strategies to help boost the sales of the products sold in the community. This can include designing new packaging, creating heightened brand awareness and formulating any other marketing plans that the community can implement.


Crab and squid fishing activity (Seasonal)

– Crab trawl collecting: Designate a group representative to go on board the boat with Lone island fishermen to collect crab trawls that another group’s representative had previously set and left behind.
– Squid fishing/gathering the local way (according to water rising-lowering)


2 Days 1 Night Trip

Day 1
06:00 am Meet up at Don Muang International Airport in Bangkok.
07:55 am Depart for Phuket by Thai Air Asia.
09.20 am Arrive at Phuket International Airport then continue to Koh Lone, Rawai, Phuket, on board an air-conditioned VIP van.
11:00 am Reach your destination, the pier at Chalong Bay. Hop on a boat for Koh Lone. The local Hua Tone fishing boats take only 30 minutes, just enough time to take in the great sea views off the coast of Phuket.
11:30 am Make port at Koh Lone and be welcomed by local housewives dressed in traditional batik. Receive flower wreaths and wipe your face with lemongrass-scented refreshing towels and drink coconut water fresh from the trees.
12:00 pm Enjoy lunch and taste the first seafood together among the sounds of waves hitting the beach.
01:30 pm Start the afternoon’s series of team building activities.
02:30 pm CSR activities.
04:00 pm “Crab netting” activity.
Catch a glimpse of the Le people’s way of life before heading back to your accommodation.
Members of the group who do not participate in the crab netting activity can check-in at the hotel and run personal errands and/or rest up before returning to the party, for which everyone has to dress in a “Hawaiian islander” theme.
06:00 pm Gather for the party and enjoy some fresh seafood straight from the ocean.
Remarks: the type of seafood depends on the season.
08:00 pm Return to your accommodations.
Day 2
06:30 am After waking up, it’s time to learn about fishing. For part of this, you’ll go on a hunt for the woi wai (squids) with the locals.
08:00 am Finish your personal errands then have breakfast at your provided accommodation.
10:00 am Team building and workshops.
Return to your accommodation for free time before packing your stuff and checking out.
12:00 pm Enjoy lunch together.
Remarks: The seafood depends on the season.
01:30 pm Time to say goodbye to the community. Before you depart to the main island of Phuket, there is a chance to take some memorable pictures by the beach on Koh Lone.
03:00 pm Make a stop at the coolest dessert shops in town, “A Dessert Moment”. If that’s not to your taste, there’s time to take a walk and enjoy the streets in the middle of Phuket while you admire the classic Sino-Portuguese buildings standing tall above the commercial district.
04:00 pm Take a trip to buy some gifts for friends and family at home at Khun Mae Chu Shop, the best souvenir store in Phuket. Don’t miss out on skewered shrimp chili paste, fish organ soup and others delights.
05:30 pm Arrive at Phuket International Airport.
06:30 pm Return to Bangkok by Thai Air Asia.
07:50 pm Arrive safely back at Don Muang International Airport.

Koh Lone Rawai, Phuket
Tel. +668 5429 0021

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