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Baan Phu Thai Khok Kong

Baan Phu Thai Khok Kong


This small community is located at the foothills of Phu Phan Mountain in Kuchinarai, Kalasin province. Baan Khok Kong is a village with just over 100 households and a total of about 500 residents, most of whom are farmers.

The Baan Khok Kong villagers live simple lives. For their staple food of rice, they plant their own glutinous (sticky) rice seeds at the backs of their houses which feeds the family. At other times, they forage for wild food in the mountains. Many of these plants can be used to make many tasty local dishes and some of them even have medicinal properties similar to common herbs.

If the locals need clothing, they know how to find cotton seeds for spinning and weaving into fabric for household use. These fabrics can be turned into many different locals styles of clothing with unique patterns that convey Thai unity.

The older residents also have an important role within the community. For example, they pass down their specialist weaving knowledge or when they have a visitor and an important ceremony, they hold a Yao Ceremony to give blessings and invoke the protecting spirit to return to the body.

If you want to visit a place that will help you learn all about living a simple, happy life, then Ban Khok Kong is one of those places. Get back to basics and learn how little you actually need to not only survive, but thrive.

  • Mak Beng Knockdown & Rebuild
  • Phu Thai Language P(l)aza
  • Khok Kong Performance
  • Surviving Khok Kong
  • Create product marketing plans for the community

Team Building & Workshops


Mak Beng Knockdown & Rebuild

Divide into groups to learn how to make “Mak Beng” flower decorations to be used in ceremonies by disassembling and reassembling one of the pre-made decorations yourself.


Phu Thai Language P(l)aza

Divide into teams to compete with one another in matching Phu Thai words with Central Thai (common Thai) words. In this activity, you’ll learn all about the language so you can then communicate better with the rest of the villagers in the community.


Khok Kong Performance

This is the haute couture of Baan Khok Kong. Use Baan Khok Kong pha khao ma to design your own collection by cutting, binding, sewing, tying, wrapping and folding to make your clothes unique.


Surviving Khok Kong

Have fun with this hiking activity through the forest to forage for a list of items provided by the villagers.


Create product marketing plans for the community

Brainstorm thoughts and create some ideas to design marketing/sales plans for the products in the community. Have fun while designing the packaging while creating better brand awareness and story/sales and marketing strategies for products in the community.


2 Days 1 Night Trip

Day 1
06:00 am Meet up at the check-in counter of Thai Air Asia at Don Muang International Airport.
07:20 am Depart Bangkok for Roi Et by Thai Air Asia.
08.20 am Arrive at Roi Et Airport.
08:40 am Head out for breakfast in Roi Et.
10:00 am Leave for Khok Kong Phu Thai Culture Village, Kuchinarai, Kalasin.
11:30 am Welcome greeting by community leaders.
12:00 pm Lunch.
01:00 – 04:00 pm Team building and workshops.
05:00 pm Free time for rest and relaxation then change into the pre-arranged traditional Phu Thai costumes for a Palaeng dinner in the evening.
05:30 pm Enjoy Khok Kong Phu Thai Palaeng-style dinner while watching traditional performances by Phu Thai youths.
07:00 pm Come back from the community to hotel accommodation by VIP air conditioned van.
08:30 pm Arrive at the hotel.
Day 2
08:00 am Have breakfast.
09:00 am Re-visit the village, this time for activities with the community.
10:30 am CSR activities.
11:30 am Have lunch in the community and purchase community products as memorabilia before you go home.
01:00 pm Say goodbye to the community and return to your hotel accommodation.
02:30 pm Arrive at the hotel.
03:00 pm Leave the hotel to visit Pa Kung Temple, where there are pagodas similar to those of Borobudur, Indonesia.
05:00 pm Have dinner at Enjoy Restaurant.
07:00 pm Arrive at Roi Et Airport.
20:15 pm Return to Bangkok aboard Thai Air Asia Flight No. FD3569.
21:15 pm Safely arrive at Don Muang International Airport.

Baan Phu Thai Khok Kong, Kalasin
Tel. +668 7098 6589, +668 4742 5822

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