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Lee Led

Surat Thani

Welcome to Lee Led, a small community in the heart of Surat Thani. What this modest community lacks in size, it more than makes up for in things to do and see. In fact, this area is known as the ‘Amazon of Thailand’ thanks to its rich array of mangrove forests.

Another important aspect of this village is the actual villagers themselves. The people living here have an indigenous wisdom to them, and are known to be able to predict things such as the weather much more accurately than weather forecasts, as well as knowing how to live off the land and make use of every part of the trees found here.

One of the best things about Lee Led is the millions of fireflies that live in this region. As twilight approaches, you can expect to see shimmering lights glowing from the fireflies – a bit like living in a dream.

  • Shrimp Paste Making Activity
  • Sweet Shrimp Paste Contest
  • Treasure hunt cruising, conquer the Lee-Led Amazon forest
  • Motto Making Activities

Team Building & Workshops

Shrimp Paste Making Activity

Our special recipe uses yellow shrimp instead of regular, smaller sized shrimp. This will allow the shrimp paste to taste sweeter than general shrimp pastes. We start by drying the yellow shrimps in the sun. The dried shrimps are and then mixed with a touch of salt with a pestle and mortar into it begins to form a softer consistency. The mixture is then preserved for two days. After that, the paste is pounded further until a delicious shrimp paste is obtained. The locals can use the shrimp paste in main dishes and desserts such as chili paste and Thai green mango with sweet shrimp paste. The Committee will apply this information to create a new brand and packaging design for the community.

Sweet Shrimp Paste Contest

The local experts will be on standby to teach the traditional cooking methods to the contestants. Each team will then be asked to cook among themselves using a traditional stone mortar. The cooking method is very simple and involves adding onions and peppers, then followed by the shrimp paste, coconut sugar, and dried shrimp. The team which can prepare the tastiest dish that earns praise from the locals will be the winner of the contest.

Treasure hunt cruising, conquer the Lee-Led Amazon forest

  • Mission 1: Make Look Jark by dividing into teams of 5-6 people and take a cruise along the Poonpin River. Compete in collecting Look Jark. When all ingredients are collected, every team must use Look Jark to make a dessert. The team with the most delicious dessert is the winner.
  • Mission 2: Kanom Jark wrapping competition. The local ‘philosopher’ will demonstrate how to make Kanom Jark, which main ingredients include coconut pieces, coconut scraping, coconut sugar, starch, and most important of all, pumpkin. Kanom Jark wrapping uses the second part of Jark leaves to wrap the dessert and heat until done.
  • Mission 3: Divide into teams of 5-6 people and cruise along the Poonpin River. Find the rare trees in the quest from the local philosopher. The team must use their phones to take photos of the trees. Whoever can find the most correct trees in that team is the winner.
  • Mission 4: “set up crab, fish, and shrimp trawls” activity
    Send out representatives who will experience the lives of fishermen by boarding fishing boats to set up crab, fish, and shrimp trawls. They will then be able to bring back fresh shrimps, fish, crabs. The team with the most crabs, fish, and shrimps is the winner.

Motto Making Activities

Come up with your own inspirational words for this trip. Each team will be given 10 minutes to think of some attractive mottos, with the winner being decided by the Village Headman. The selected team will be allowed to write their motto on the signboards which are displayed in several places of the mangroves including the Walkway. Besides providing education to tourists, this will be a great addition for the future visitors to see, as well as the community leaders.


2 Days 1 Night Trip

Day 1
08:30 am Check-in at Don Muang Airport for Surat Thani by Thai Air Asia.
09.50 am Depart Don Muang for Surat Thani Airport.
10.55 am Arrive at Surat Thani Airport and reclaim your luggage.
11.20 am Head to Surat Thani in an air conditioned VIP van.
12.00 pm Have lunch at Sum Kradang Nga Restaurant.
01.00 pm Head for Lee Led, Pun Pin, Surat Thani.
01.30 pm Welcome greeting by community leaders.
02.00 pm CSR/Team Building Activities
06.00 pm Return to the hotel for free time.
07.00 pm Dinner in the community.
08.00 pm Firefly-watching on boats; gather up again to board a boat to watch fireflies. Lee Let is known as the place with the most fireflies in Thailand.
09.00 pm Return to hotel accommodations for rest.
Day 2
07.30 am Breakfast.
08.30 am Head to Lee Led for CSR and team building activities.
09.00 am Team Building Activities
12.30 pm Head back to the hotel to pack and get ready to go home.
01.00 pm Check-out and head out for lunch.
01.20 pm Have local lunch in Surat Thani City.
02.40 pm Pay respects to the city pillar shrine in Surat Thani.
02.50 pm Head for Surat Thani Airport.
04.10 pm Return to Bangkok by Air Asia.
05.20 pm Arrive safely at Don Muang Airport.

Lee Led, Surat Thani
Tel. +666 1174 7445, +668 1271 0017

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