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Baan Dong Yen

Suphan Buri

Dong Yen may well be one of the most ‘natural’ places you’ll visit in Thailand. The village is known for its rich supply of greenery, including flowers, plants and the famous Chom Chan blossoms – herbs that can help you lose weight.

Amongst all the vegetation you’ll also find salad flowers, passion fruits, watercress, sunflower saplings, morning glory shoots, long eggplant, round eggplant, fragrant Prik Ki Noo chili peppers, papayas, green onions, Chinese kale, Bhutanese mushrooms, Jew’s ears, Japanese truffles, onions, longevity spinach, centella leaves, lettuce, angled gourd, mulberry leaves, bamboo grass and Thai bamboo.

The people of Dong Yen make it central to their own ways of life to grow vegetables for personal use. What’s important is that these vegetables are grown organically, without the use of chemicals (however, they do make their own natural fertilizer.

From what used to be a small activity involving the whole family, they started to expand and eventually began selling their produce. What was once only a small stand evolved into a learning center for organic farming and now the community members are able to share their knowledge and techniques with anyone who’s interested.

This might really be the ideal way of life so many people are looking for, and it’s right here – in Dong Yen, naturally.

  • Vegetable Hunt Competition by Bicycle
  • Ban Thung Menu Competition
  • Earthworm Fertilizer
  • Sunflower seed sprouts planting activity

Team Building & Workshops

Vegetable Hunt Competition by Bicycle

The people of Dong Yen are used to having a lifestyle that involves growing vegetables to eat at home. We invite you to ride bikes alongside the organic vegetable patches of the community, looking for vegetables (that you have been assigned to find) such as onions, longevity spinach, centella, salad lettuce, lettuce and angled gourd.

Ban Thung Menu Competition

Together, create some dishes as assigned (such as chili paste and vegetable stir fry) using ingredients that you have collected from the gardens. Peal some garlic and gourds and mix all the ingredients together to obtain the best flavors. Next, time to eat and find out just how good the food you have made from vegetables you picked with your bare hands really is.

Earthworm Fertilizer

Learn how to make fertilizer using ingredients obtained from within the community. A few examples include cow dung, raw rice husks, processed rice husks, rice bran, banana shoot bacteria (made by fermenting bananas stalks with sugar) and fermented tomato juice. Mix them all together, add water and then mix again into a fine mixture. This mixture is ready for use after it’s placed under fabric cover for about 15 days. It works as a great replacement for fertilizer and provides nutrients for the roots.

Sunflower seed sprouts planting activity

Get one step closer to the local way of lives of Baan Dong Yen Community by participating in this sunflower planting activity. You will become a gardener and have to plant sunflower seed sprouts by yourself. We guarantee that you’ll learn a new skill after taking part in this fun planting activity.


2 Days 1 Night Trip

Day 1
07:00 am Depart Bangkok for Suphanburi.
09.20 am Arrival at Baan Dong Yen.
09.30 am Welcoming activities by the community. Enjoy snacks and beverages, and briefly listen to Khun Waew Sawangchaeng, Deputy Chairman of Wanakaset Dong Yen, talk about the community background. Next, split into teams to engage in activities.
10.00 – 10:30 am Team building and workshops.
11.30 am Lunch.
01.00 – 01.30 pm Team building and workshops.
Mix palm sugar together, add corn, wrap in banana leaves then steam.
03.00 pm CSR activities.
04.00 pm Depart for the hotel accommodation provided.
04.15 pm Check-in and free time
05.30 pm Leave for Dong Yen again for a period dinner party.
06:00 pm Attend the period dinner party. Watch movies in the middle of the rice field. Feel the cool breeze as you sit on the hay bales. Enjoy entertainment at the rural-style theater.
07.30 pm Return to your provided accommodation for free time.
Day 2
07.30 am Have breakfast at the hotel.
09.00 am Check-out from the hotel.
09.40 am Pay respect to Luang Pho Toh at Pah Lelai Temple.
Luang Pho Toh of Pah Lelai Temple has long been the palladium Buddhist statue of Suphanburi. It is placed inside a huge temple that is visible from afar. It is a gold-covered stucco Buddhist of Lelai Temple. At over 23 meters, it was constructed in Second Uthong Style and is an original work from the Uthong Era.
09.40 am Leave for the Hundred-Year Market, Samchuk.
10.10 am Buy gifts and souvenirs from the Hundred-Year Market, Samchuk.
11:40 am Have lunch at Kung Pen Restaurant.
02.00 pm Return safely back to Bangkok.

Baan Dong Yen, Suphan Buri
Tel. +668 3308 8144

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